is an intuitively designed all-in-one hub where you can securely store, invest, and track your crypoassets. We aggregate the top wealth-generating products on the market and make them easily accessible to you through one simple interface rooted in our distributed cold storage infrastructure. WANG’s mission is to make digital asset management simple for everyone. We provide a superior user experience to generate wealth with your holdings. WANG Smart Vault Techology is our proprietary security infrastructure that allows us to offer you the security benefits of cold storage without compromising liquidity

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The Wang Wallet is a multicurrency custodial wallet supporting withdrawals and deposits of cryptoassets across the most widely used blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neo/NEP5, Ethereum/ERC20, EOS, Stellar, DASH, and Ripple. This list will be growing continuously as we gather user feedback and gauge market demand

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All peer-to-peer transfer transactions within the Wang ecosystem are free and instant because user activity is handled off-chain (excludes US users)

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Wang allows users to be included in a pool for master node staking for various Proof-of-Stake coins. This is a major passive income generating option for our users when Ethereum switches from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus with Casper.

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Wang allows users to subscribe to pre-selected, high performing trading algorithms directly from their portal interface. Our users can maximize the value of their cryptoassets within the Wang ecosystem instead of self-managing dormant assets in a hardware wallet.

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Wang gives our users the ability to opt in to loaning out their crypto wealth to earn interest directly from their wallet. Based on the parameters set by our users, these loans and margin loans are executed via smart contracts provided by partners within the Wang ecosystem.

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Major blockchain forks will be automatically credited to all eligible wallets on our platform once the new blockchain is supported

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For our users’ convenience, ERC20 tokens stored in Wang are automatically swapped to Mainnet for supported blockchains.

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Wang users can place buy and sell orders directly from their wallet in the future. Our users can enjoy liquidity without exposing assets to the risk of exchanges. Transfer times between personal wallets and exchanges are eliminated, allowing users to capitalize on fast moving trade windows.


Token Details

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Smart Contract

  • Name of token : WANG TOKEN
  • Symbol : WANGTOKEN
  • Decimal : 8
  • Total Supply : 25,000,000,000
  • Softcap : 100 ETH
  • Hardcap : 500 ETH
  • Minimal Transaction Amount : 0.01 ETH
  • Smart Contract :

Token Allocation

Token Sale (Selfdrop): 60%
Founders and Core Team Allocation: 20%
Future Partnership and Development: 10%
Airdrop and Bounties: 10%
Token Distribution


Q1 2018
  • Concepting Development
Q2 2018
  • Project Data
Q3 2018
  • Begin Development
  • Protocol Structuring
Q4 2018
  • Smart contract
  • Token Sale
  • Airdrop
Q1 2019
  • Private Alpha launch
  • Public V1 Launch
  • Listing Some Major Exchange
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC20, NEO, NEP5
Q2 2019
  • Hosting trading algorithms
  • Financial enterprise partnerships
  • Expand digital asset support - EOS, ZEC, ICX & more
Q3 2019
  • Engage with community to decide which digital assets to support and prioritized
  • Expand physical infrastructure to 5+ jurisdictions
  • Investment management platform for institutions
  • Expand digital asset support


1. Wang has engineered Smart Vault Technology which combines enterprise-grade global hardware infrastructure with world-class digital security measures to safeguard cryptoassets while also preserving liquidity.
2. Wang makes digital assets accessible to the average user by providing a powerful platform with a simple, versatile user interface. Wang empowers users to perform all cryptoasset movements directly from their wallet including trading, lending, arbitrage, or any other future cryptoasset functions.
3. Wang is committed to pushing the cryptoasset space towards mainstream adoption through innovation in security and usability


team member

CEO/Founder of WangToken

Dimas Praditya
CEO/Founder of WangToken
team member

Co-founder/Head Of Web Development

Eldi Trielvianto
Co-founder/Head Of Web Development
team member

Marketing Manager

David Atmaja
Marketing Manager
team member

Project Manager & Community Manager

Aiden Abhivandya
Project Manager & Community Manager

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